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To make a difference to the life of a child is one of the most rewarding contributions for anyone in society. Together with teachers, health professionals, social workers and the police, foster carers are essential partners in teams working together to make a difference for children and young people in need.

Child care is not just one professional's role and foster carers must be able to work in partnership to provide a high standard of care.

Foster care is the provision of good quality family care for a child or sibling group, who, for whatever reason, can no longer remain within their own home. At times a child's behaviour may be challenging and difficult to understand. Essential to foster care is the recognition of a child's individual needs, and being able to meet those needs with patience, care, tolerance and without discrimination or prejudice.

Independent Foster Care Services (IFCS) is one of the highest quality fostering agencies in Wales. We recruit, train, prepare and assess families who wish to become foster carers and provide comprehensive support for our foster carers in carrying out their essential role.

Foster families can comprise of couples or single carers and IFCS welcomes applications from all sections of society.

Of crucial importance to achieving a high standard of foster care for children is the provision of a high standard of support from IFCS. Our support to foster carers includes:

  • Payment of £355.50 per week for each child looked after
  • Generous additional payments to promote children's wellbeing.
  • Computer and broadband connection.
  • Mileage allowance.
  • 10 weeks retainer payments in 12 months when no children are in placement.
  • Comprehensive preparation and training.
  • 24 hour support, including a dedicated Support Worker for each foster family.
  • Specialist Consultancy for Carers and Children.
  • Respite care.

If foster care is undertaken without total commitment more hurt and pain can be caused to children who have already suffered.

If you believe you have this commitment to children and have a spare room please complete this application or contact us by phone on 02920 837320 or e-mail office@ifcswales.co.uk.

Find out more on becoming a Foster Carer with IFCS.


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