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Introduction to Foster Care

Arriving in foster care is never easy, and often traumatic and distressing. Our job at Independent Foster Care Services (IFCS) is to look after you very well, make sure you're healthy, are always safe and protected from harm, do well in school, and, while you're with us, have as good time as possible.

Independent Foster Care Services?Most importantly, we must make sure you can always have your say and get your views heard, whenever you want to. If you feel we at Independent Foster Care Services (IFCS) are doing a bad job, or your foster carers are not looking after you properly, you must complain. Your views and complaints are extremely helpful, and we will always welcome them and listen carefully to them. The information on this page will tell you everything you need to know about making your views heard and making complaints.

Just now you may feel alone and isolated, and that your life is being ruled by others. Our job is to make sure you feel welcome in foster care and are looked after excellently, and become strong through learning how to appropriately tell all those around you (particularly us) what you want to happen with your life.

We all look forward to listening and talking with you in the future.

What is Foster Care?

Foster carers are families who look after young people, like yourself, if they cannot be looked after by their own families.

Foster carers, like the ones looking after you now, have had to be tested and investigated thoroughly, before a panel of professionals will approve them as suitable to look after young people. Foster carers also have to have ongoing training and supervision, and their approval is reviewed every year. Your foster carers should care for you very well. While you are looked after by your foster carers you will have a chance to comment on how you think their care is.

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Who do my Foster Carers work for?

Your foster carers work for Independent Foster Care Services (IFCS). The Local Authority, who your Social Worker works for, has asked us to provide foster carers for you.

Who do my Foster Carers work for?Independent Foster Care Services (IFCS) makes sure your foster carers look after you properly, and that you benefit as much as possible from our services and the services of others. We explain how we do this in a small book called a Statement of Purpose. We've shortened this Statement of Purpose into a list of services we should provide to you and your foster carer.

Show me the short statement of purpose

Independent Foster Care Services has a Duty Officer available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who can be contacted on 02920 837320.

The Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales makes sure we are always doing our job properly and always providing the services we promised on the list. If you do not think we are doing our job properly you can complain to the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales or the Children's Commissioner for Wales using the IFCS Complaints Forms, stamped and addressed envelopes provided in your welcome pack, or telephone or email your complaints using the information on your main contact card in the pack.

Alternatively, you can email the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales or the Children's Commissioner for Wales directly from this web page, these details are on the main contact card online.

Show me the main contact card

If you are in any doubt ask your foster carer or IFCS Social Worker for further information, or see the instructions in your welcome pack.

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